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Reading is Strength: Reading and Digital Media

The goal of the project is to foster reading for socially and educationally disadvantaged children and youths between the ages of three and 18 via the use of digital media. By applying digital media, the interests and direct environment of children and youths are addressed and an increase in reading literacy and the discovery of the joy of reading stories are accomplished alongside a boost of media competency.

Local alliances are formed with institutions of children and youth work, cultural education and literacy promotion (especially in libraries). These address the children and youths with different age-based activities. A further objective is the promotion of civic commitment through the participation of volunteers who support the alliances in accomplishing the activities.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Digital Opportunities Foundation as a partner of the German Library Association is responsible for the media education qualification of the volunteers. For a nationwide free qualification measure, the foundation developed a curriculum of topics about media usage of the target group, legal framework and the use of digital media. Further, the foundation oversees the accompanying quality control, as well as constantly developing the content-related concepts of the qualification curricula.

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Grant authorities: Federal Ministry of Education and Research


01.04.2013 - 31.12.2017

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