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Participate in the eSkills for Jobs 2015 European Video Competition

eSkills for Jobs 2015 - Jetzt mitmachen! (deutsche Version des Artikels)

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The eSkills for Jobs 2015 European video competition, organised within the context of the eSkills for Jobs awareness raising campaign, is an opportunity to highlight and reward persons with a high level of digital skills and literacy at a European level.

The competition focuses on identifying concrete successful initiatives made possible by the use of ICT and the mastery of eSkills. The aim is to reach out to motivated and talented young people (aged 16 and over), business leaders, policymakers, ICT practitioners, NGOs, educators, job seekers and entrepreneurs.

The eSkills video competition is open to all European citizens. Videos could be submitted in the following three categories: (For more details on how to participate select one of the competition categories.):

The deadline for submission of entries is Saturday 31 October 2015.

A winner and a runner-up will be selected per category. The winner and runner-up will be invited to attend the award winning ceremony on 14-15 December 2015 during the eSkills high-level conference organised under the auspices of the European Council Luxembourg Presidency. The flight and accommodation will be covered by the eSkills for Jobs Campaign.

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