Published on: 04.09.13

5th European Congress on E-Inclusion: ECEI 2013

Internationale Konferenz: Europäischer Kongress zur e-Inklusion (deutsche Version des Artikels)

9.00 o'clock - 17.00 o'clock
EESC - Van Maerlant Building
2, rue Van Maerlant
1040 Brussels , Belgien
Civic Agenda EU
Robin Knowles
Troonstraat 61
1050 Brüssel
Tel: +32 2 808 6805


The 5th international conference "European Congress on E-Inclusion" will focus on the topic e-inclusion in Europe. Public libraries, places with access to the internet, community centres and NGOs play a key role in supporting disadvantaged communities and excluded groups. As digital intermediaries they support digital skills, lifelong learning, social inclusion and employability in European countries. The conference aims to discuss the role of digital intermediaries in the context of e-inclusion.

The conference will be held in English. Political and economical as well as stakeholders of commonwealth to Brussels on October 3rd 2013. The event will examine and evaluate the link between the accumulation of gateway skills and lifelong learning experiences and the promotion of sustainable long-term inclusive opportunities for socio-economic empowerment and employability.

The project "Digital Literacy 2.0" will be presented at the conference. Funded in the European Lifelong Learning Programme, the project's objective is to empower socially disadvantaged adults through the use of web 2.0 applications in public libraries, community centres or social institutions.

Digital Literacy 2.0

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