Published on: 09.11.15

International dialogue on gender equality in the media to be held in Geneva

07.12.15 - 10.12.15
Palais de Nation
1211 Genf , Schweiz
Global Alliance on Media and Gender


Women’s participation, their leadership and fair representation in media and technology are way below that of their male counterparts. After four decades of research and development actions, little change can be celebrated.

The world famous actor* Geena Davis observed that at the present rate, it will take another 70 years to achieve gender equality in the media. This is more than four times the number of years agreed upon by the international development community to achieve the new sustainable development goals, by 2030. A dialogue of a different order is needed.

Gender inequalities in the media and technology are rooted in cultures, traditions, stereotypes, beliefs and a lack of awareness of the negative gains of these inequalities on economic and sustainable development. Such social practices are no longer separated by remote geographical boundaries. Dialogue then becomes crucial to bring about a deeper understanding and agreement on a common path to change.

GAMAG is a UNESCO-initiated groundbreaking partnership among over 800 media, civil society, academic, private and governmental organizations. Its purpose is to be the global mechanism through which Section J, gender and media, of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BDPA) can be systematically implemented and monitored. It is governed by 20 member organizations that form the international steering committee.

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Global Alliance on Media and Gender

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