Published on: 29.12.15

Open Science Days 2016 - "Citizen Science"

17.02.16 - 18.02.16
09:00 o'clock - 17:00 o'clock
Registration is possible until February 7
Harnack House
Ihnestr. 16-20
14195 Berlin
Max Planck Digital Library
Katrin Gashi (Office)
Amalienstr. 33
80799 Munich, Bayern
100,00 € p.P.


Citizen Science refers to the growing involvement of amateur or non-professional scientists in the research process. In some research fields, like e.g. environmental research, this involvement already has become a common practice. Other research disciplines seem to be more reluctant and yet it is unclear, whether Citizen Science will be an important factor in all areas of the entire research process in the future.

SETI@home, an early approach to internet-based Citizen Science, already started in 1999. Being focused on distributed computing, this project depends on a rather passive contribution by citizens.

Today, we see a broad range of projects that require a more active role: Citizens are asked to collect water samples or to describe ancient texts. Interested people can decide to analyze pictures or video recordings of tiny worms, far galaxies or prowling groups of apes.

More complex projects involve citizens that are willing to build up their own technical equipment for rather demanding and precise measurements and observations.

Further information

To have a look into the Program and possibilities for accomodation click here.

Please note, that the registration is opened up to the 7th of February!

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