Published on: 22.12.17

IGF Day 4: Messages from Geneva

Author: Jutta Croll , Organisation: Stiftung Digitale Chancen

IGF Tag 4: Botschaften aus Genf (deutsche Version des Artikels)

21.12.2017 With Messages from Geneva the twelfth Internet Governance Forum was closed on Dec. 21st, 2017. More than 2.000 participants from 120 countries have attended the gathering and discussed questions of non-discriminate access net neutrality and the economical and ecological consequences of digitisation. As a read thread cyber security ran through many of the sessions und workshops. In the process it became clear that the risk potential has changed since the beginning. Were it then SPAM-emails that were discussed as a safety issues now massive attacks on the digital infrastructure endangered societal and economical development and growth.

One of the key messages from Geneva is therefore: Society can only fully benefit from digitisation when safety and security are ensured. This means that strategies need to be developed further and implemented worldwide. In face of the global infrastructure and usage all over the world different levels of security in particular countries pose a general threat.

In parallel the social mission was affirmed to ensure access for all, leaving no one behind, capacity development and special attention for vulnerable groups - as children and youths - during the days of Geneva.

The multistakeholder approach has proven of value and been developed further since the World Summit of Information Society - WSIS for coping with the challenges. Its further impact is demonstrated by the example of Kenya, since the Kenyan government has introduced an obligatory multistakeholder consultation before they change legislation as an outcome of the 2011 IGF in Nairobi.

As Armin Plum from the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs said in his closing remarks quoting the UN Under-Secretary-General Liu Zhenmin: “An inclusive, safe and secure internet which benefits are enjoyed equally in the developed and developing countries is a shared responsibility for all of us.”

With this order we are now looking forward to fruitful intersessional work and the next IGF, where ever it may take place.

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