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BIENE 2004: Overview of results

Quelle: Stiftung Digitale Chancen und Aktion Mensch

Category education, science, research

Category culture and society

Category e-government

Category media

Category e-commerce

Special prize for the use of simple language

Special prize for the use of sign language

Special prize for the promotion of Accessibility on the Internet

Biene 2004: Fotos von der Preisverleihung

About the BIENE-Award The BIENE-Award shall identify and honour the best accessible websites on the Internet and make them known as best practice examples. BIENE, in this context, means Barrierefreies Internet eröffnet neue Einsichten (accessible internet reveals new insights) but it also means communication, joint action, and living and working together productively.

Participation is open to owners and designers of German-speaking websites in the categories e-commerce, e-government (federal, state, municipalities), culture and society, science and research, and media (print and radio). Special prizes can be awarded for solutions that recognize the specific needs of particular user groups, e.g. websites for kids, for deaf people using sign language, for people with learning disabilities, or other outstanding and innovative applications.

The award is simply non-material. Supportive prizes of up to 2.000 Euro can be awarded to non-commercial websites like those of non-profit organizations or self-help groups that offer a website that is of public interest For further information on the BIENE award go to

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