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Entrepreneurial Skills for Woman in a Digital World

Knowledge-based economies today require people with higher qualifications. Entrepreneurial skills such as problem solving, teamwork, creativity, organisation, communication, leadership and digital skills play a crucial role in today's European labour markets.

Today, women make up more than 50 per cent of the European population. Unfortunately, they are traditionally more affected by unemployment than men and under-represented in the labour market.

The project partners from Lithuania, Germany, Slovenia and Greece initiated the project with the aim to contribute to the promotion of relevant competences of women. During the two-year project period, a training programme will be developed and tested in which educators from non-formal adult education institutions and women will participate. Project management and ICT skills will be taught in a project-based approach.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

As project partner, the Digital Opportunities Foundation is responsible for the development of the learning concept as well as the implementation and evaluation of the training in Germany.

Project partners

  • Asociacija Viesieji interneto prieigos taskai, Lithuania
  • Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus", Greece
  • Simbioza Genesis, Slovenia

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01.12.2018 - 30.11.2020

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