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According to the Motto “Gemeinsam durchs Netz'' (On the net together) the Initiative Internet erfahren (Experience the Internet) successfully promoted digital inclusion in Germany from 2009 to 2011. During this time a number of practise-based projects and activities were successfully realised. It was the initiative’s objective to increase responsible internet usage in all sections of the population. The initiative was addressed to people who had not used the internet competently before and were thus excluded from the occupational and social possibilities that digital media offer. This problem is especially obvious in certain sections of the population because internet usage still largely depends on social, gender and demographic factors. All measures aimed to rouse interest in the internet via non-formal learning and with people from the target group’s personal surroundings. This method has proven especially successful for people who have yet been under-represented on the internet.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

Within the initiative the Digital Opportunities Foundation looked after the qualification of multipliers who, together with their target group, learned how to properly use the internet. Further, the foundation organised workshops in order to find out the needs of the target group and advised retirement homes who wanted to establish internet access. Four additional pilot projects that focussed on the strategies of internet usage for diverse target groups were also realised.

Project partners

  • BAGSO Service GmbH
  • Kompetenzzentrum Technik, Diversity, Chancengleichheit

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01.12.2008 - 31.12.2011

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