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Digital mobility in old age - Tablet PCs for Seniors

The project aims to interest especially older people, 65 and plus, to participate in today’s digital society. The target group are supposed to be introduced to the diverse possibilities of the internet and to try out mobile devices by means of tablet PCs. Employees of various institutions support them in their learning process and one or two devices stay in each institution, therefore ensuring that seniors are able to use the devices. A project study detailing the results of the evaluation and featuring experience reports was published in June 2015.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Foundation is carrying out the project in cooperation with Telefónica O2 Deutschland, formerly E-Plus Group. The Digital Opportunities Foundation organizes the loan of the equipment provided by Telefónica and supports the institutions in showing the senior citizens the various possible uses. In addition, the Foundation evaluated the project on its own responsibility in an accompanying study and recorded the results in a guideline for multipliers. In addition to regularly updating the guideline and developing new innovation elements to reduce elderly people's fears of contact, the Digital Opportunities Foundation also regularly informs at events about ways of imparting media competence and offers topic-specific workshops.

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In cooperation with: E-Plus Gruppe / Telefónica Deutschland


Since 01.05.2012

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