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It is the objective of the project to develop a cloud-based solution for accessible settings of customisable user interfaces. With the Cloud4all software persons with limitations can be supported in independently using devices, self-dependent and without the help of others. The software can be used on PCs with Windows, MacOS and Linux operation systems, but also tablets and smartphones as well as cash machines or public transport ticket machines.

It is our vision to initially configure the settings, which persons with limitations need for the individual use of computers, smartphones or other electronic devices, and then save them on a USB-stick, a RFID-card or in a QR-Code. If the user wants to use a different computer, the memory device, e.g. the USB-stick, activates the personal settings: The screen-reader, for example, is automatically started, the magnifier activated and the device is usable without the help of others.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Digital Opportunities Foundation has taken on the task to analyse the needs of the intended users, to include them in the development of the application and to test it. For this, the requirements of persons with disabilities for using such an interface was surveyed in workshops and software tests with the target group and experts. The results were discussed with the partner organisation on an international level and considered in the development process.

Project partners

The consortium is comprised of partner organisations from Europa, the USA and Canada.

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7th Framework Programme of the European Union
Grant Authorities: European Commission


01.01.2012 - 01.10.2015