Learning by Playing

Learning and school are topics that are often associated with negative experiences for socially and educationally disadvantaged children and youths. They are often frustrated because of failure in school and not being supported at home and thus they are likely to refuse classical approaches of education. At the same time these children and youths often show a greater interest in entertainment-oriented offers and represent an above-average group in the clientele of institutions of youth work. It is there that they meet competent workers who can support them with problems in their daily lives.

The web-based platform scoyo can cover the needs as well as the interest of the target group. The scoyo learning programs are suited to any kind of learner, convey knowledge via games and support school lessons. It was the goal of the project to find out how children and youths cooperate with the learning platform, if they show interest to use it in youth centres and continually engage with it. A detailed report of the results has been published in German in June 2011 at Siebenhaar Publishing (Gemeinsam lernen - Neue Spielräume für Bildung mit Medien / ISBN: 978-3-936962-50-5).

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Digital Opportunities Foundation tested and evaluated the use of scoyo in a number of selected institutions of children and youth work in Berlin and North Rhine Westphalia. Children and youths tested the platform, youth workers chaperoned the project.

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01.12.2008 - 30.09.2009

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