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Innovative Information Technologies in Adult Education (IITAE)

Constant changes and innovations in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) require of adult education facilities an ongoing adaptation of its teaching and learning offers. The aim of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership "Innovative Information Technologies in Adult Education" is to promote and spread the use of Web 2.0 applications, tablet PCs and other mobile computing devices and applications in the field of adult education.

The participating partners pursue different pedagogical approaches and use various ICT applications in their work. Therefore, the learning partnership enables a manifold transnational exchange of experience in adult education. To demonstrate good practice examples, the particular applications which the partner organizations use for their teaching and learning processes will be compared. Based on the obtained findings a good practice guide (e-book) was developed and published in July 2015 and two newsletters reported on the ongoing project activities.

Role of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The Digital Opportunities Foundation shares their experiences in adult education with the project partners, organised a project meeting in Berlin and is responsible for the evaluation of the project. Further, the foundation closely worked with the project partners in writing the eBook and preparing the German version.

Project partners

  • Asociacija "Viesieji interneto prieigos taskai", Lithuania (Project coordinator)
  • Narodni centrum bezpecnejsiho internetu, Czech Republik
  • Ente Formazione e Addestramento Lavoratori, Italy
  • Fundacion para la Formacion, la Cualificacion y el Empleo en el Sector Metal de Asturias - FUNDACION METAL ASTURIAS, Spain


European Lifelong Learning Program
Grant Authorities: European Commission


01.08.2013 - 31.07.2015

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