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DIMESCA kick-off meeting in Berlin

DIMESCA-Projektauftakt in Berlin (deutsche Version des Artikels)

Gruppenfoto DIMESCA Auftakttreffen

The kick-off of the DIMESCA project took place on 24 and 25 September in Berlin. Representatives of nine partner organisations from France, Spain, Romania, Italy and Germany met to start the two-years project and to plan the upcoming project steps.

The aim of the project is to get to know other partner organisations active in the field of adult education and implementing projects. The foundation presented itself during the visit of the offices with its projects for the mediation of media competence and gave the participants the opportunity to try out media educational offers (Culture meets digital) and to learn more about the teaching and learning materials for fugitives (Digital Welcome) and elderly people (Seniors@Digiworld and DmiA).

In addition, the stakeholders planned the upcoming learning activities that will take place during the two project years. The aims are to give employees of the participating organisations the opportunity to reflect on their digital skills in an international training, to develop them further and to exchange ideas. These learning activities will be accompanied by lectures and visits to non-formal learning settings.

DIMESCA - Erasmus+ Partnerschaft


DIMESCA ist ein europäisches Mobilitätsprojekt, das im Rahmen von Erasmus+ gefördert wird. Ziel ist der Austausch und die Reflektion von digitalen Fähigkeiten im Berufsalltag und zur Entwicklung der persönlichen Karriere.

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