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Reflecting digital skills for daily work

Digitale Fähigkeiten im Arbeitsalltag (deutsche Version des Artikels)

3-D Drucker Fablab in Paris

The first international learning activity of the DIMESCA project was organised by the French organisation "Cité des métiers", which invited 20 participants to Paris from 28 to 30 January. Over three days, participants from eight European countries had the opportunity to reflect about their digital skills. In addition, the participants also reflected on processes already established within their own organisation or should be in the future for the further development of digital skills.

The focus of the learning activity was on the special role of the employees of the "Cité des métiers", a European association of career guidance and coaching centres. All participants discussed the question of how visitors to these centres and also the internal processes and procedures within these centres can be optimised. The Digital Opportunities Foundation was able to share its experience from low-threshold learning opportunities to promote media literacy among adults.

The participants were inspired by the mixture of input presentations, world cafés, workshops and guided tours in the Parisian non-formal learning facilities such as the „Cité des métiers“, the „Cité des sciences et industrie“ library and the „Centre Pompidou“ library, and were able to take along many findings for their daily work.

DIMESCA - Erasmus+ Partnerschaft


DIMESCA ist ein europäisches Mobilitätsprojekt, das im Rahmen von Erasmus+ gefördert wird. Ziel ist der Austausch und die Reflektion von digitalen Fähigkeiten im Berufsalltag und zur Entwicklung der persönlichen Karriere.

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