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The AMEDY project consortium identified several examples of awareness raising activities from the partner countries Belgium, Germany, Greece as well as international activities. These had to undergo a check of the requirements set by the project consortium for examples of good practice.<br/>


  • The example focuses on the situation of people with disabilities in the context of the digitalisation of our society.
  • The example has already been implemented.
  • The example has proven itself in the national/local context.
  • The example can be transferred.
  • The example fullfils an educational mission.
  • The example has a certain impaxt or public perception.
  • The example has an empowerment approach for people with disabilities and strengthens their rights.
  • The example has been recognised for its activity by relevant bodies.




The selected examples of good practices do not always meet all the requirements listed above. Often they address one or two aspects in particular, so the consortium decided to present the activity anyway.


The collection provides inspiring insights into activites from Belgium, Germany and Greece as well as other European countries that draw attention to the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in a digital society.