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Winning school of the Kind Speech Day campaign in Germany has been determined

The Kind Speech Day campaign was a competition among schools as part of the AMeLiE project. Now the winning schools have been chosen.

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Let’s expand our virtual network against hate speech!

Next to creating an online learning platform for teachers on which they can find a lot of useful information, worksheets and materials about hate…

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AMeLiE blended course coming soon

With the new year come new opportunities, and the AMeLiE blended course is one of them.

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Project presentation AMeLiE

AMeLiE - Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate-speech

The Erasmus+ KA201 project AMeLiE (Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate-speech) addresses the phenomenon of hate speech on the…

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Policy guidelines for dealing with Hate Speech | AMeLiE

Transferability guidelines for the AMeLiE project methodology and recommendations for stakeholders on how to deal with Hate Speech

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