Training Offers for Senior Citizens from May 2021 - Project ICT for the Elderly

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In our European project ICT for the Eldery (funded by the Erasmus+ program) we plan to start our learning offers in Berlin in May 2021.

They are aimed at interested senior citizens in Berlin and the surrounding area who are themselves active in supporting older people in the use of digital devices and applications.

We will initially address three topics:


  • How do I find and recommend a suitable device?
  • Exploring cultural places and distant sights with digital offerings.
  • Smart voice assistants and the "Internet of Things".


The workshops are designed as approximately two-hour face-to-face sessions for small groups and will take place in suitable premises in Berlin Mitte.


Two international trainings were planned for March and April 2020 in Malta and Berlin and had to be cancelled. Unfortunately, at this point in time, it is not yet possible to foresee whether circumstances will allow us to organize at least one international training with participants from the partner countries Malta, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany in the course of this year.


For more information and if you are interested in participating in the workshops in Berlin, please contact:

Stephan Seiffert

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