Mission statement and values of the foundation

Mission statement of the Digital Opportunities Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote science and research and education in the field of media use and media literacy. Our particular focus is Internet usage in Germany. We give effect to the Foundation's purpose through measures which promote media literacy and the safe and responsible use of digital media in all groups of society. Seeking to close the digital divide is an important priority.

The Foundation pursues charitable objectives within the meaning of the "tax-privileged purposes" section of the German Fiscal Code.

The mission statement of the Digital Opportunities Foundation is based on the fundamental values of the German constitution and the liberal democratic order as well as on the internationally applicable principles and standards of the UN Convention on Human Rights, the European Charter of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child with reference to General Comment No. 25 on the rights of children in the digital environment.

The implementation of our Foundation's mission is tied to the realisation of equal opportunities, diversity, and variety as well as the support of innovation and sustainability. The Foundation takes into account the ethical implications of digitisation and the application of artificial intelligence. Our work is based on mutual respect and the fulfilment of our democratic responsibility.

The Foundation sees itself as an organisation that strengthens Europe as a community and contributes to the realisation of the European idea through projects with partners all over Europe.

Our values


People are at the center of everything we do. That is why we treat everyone with appreciation, respect and empathy, take their needs into account and actively involve them in shaping our work. Non-profit work can only succeed on an equal footing.


Diversity is a commitment for us: we make the diversity of our society visible and represent it. All people should experience recognition and benefit from the opportunities offered by digitalization. We integrate different perspectives into our work in order to promote digital participation for all.


We act with curiosity and open-mindedness towards innovation. Openness and adaptability to new technological and social developments are prerequisites for our work in the field of digitisation. We combine innovative approaches with proven methods.


We see ourselves as an active part of a democratic society and see it as our responsibility to contribute to its preservation, stability and promotion. Our work is based on democratic values and is characterised by the ability to engage in dialogue and conflict as well as the willingness to compromise as an expression of tolerance, self-reflection, transparency and participation.


We consider justice to be the foundation of our work. That is why we are committed to recognising and addressing injustices by promoting equal opportunities and access to digital resources for all. In doing so, we strive to further reduce existing inequalities and create a society in which everyone has fair opportunities.


We are committed to sustainability in two senses: we consider the connection between digitalisation and environmental sustainability in our work and look for solutions to do justice to both. We design our programmes in such a way that our work has a long-term and profound impact on our target groups and significantly shapes discourse.