Our work

The work of the Digital Opportunities Foundation focuses on the following core topics:

  • Promoting digital and social participation
  • Strengthening media competence
  • Promoting equal opportunity access for all people to the Internet and digital offerings
  • Researching the social consequences of digitization

Who our projects are aimed at

With our project work, we address people of all ages, people with different social, financial, professional and educational backgrounds, people with diverse experiences from different life worlds and in different life situations; people who are committed to helping others and those who want to regain their footing on the labor market.
Simply everyone who wants to participate in the development of digitization and take advantage of digital opportunities. In particular, disadvantaged population groups that do not yet fully benefit from the opportunities of digitization are to be reached by the foundation's activities and taken along on the path to a digital and inclusive society.


How we work

We implement our projects together with people who are committed to helping others, either professionally or as volunteers. For them and with them, we design information, learning and experience offerings, shed light on digital developments and examine their social consequences.
We network civil society, politics, science and business. In our projects, we work together with associations, societies, and other civil society actors, companies, and public institutions at the federal, state, and local levels in Germany, as well as with European partners.


Current projects

Completed projects