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The KulturPass is for everyone who turns 18 in 2023 and means 200 euros in credit for cultural offers, redeemable via an app: for example, for concert tickets, museum visits or books and records. The KulturPass is also for cultural providers: On the KulturPass platform, they can publish their offers and reach, address, inspire and win over a young audience.




Carolin Bergmann - Community Management

Alexander Lücke - Communication

Aim of the project

The aim of the KulturPass is to get young people newly interested in cultural activities after the pandemic and to break down financial barriers to accessing cultural offerings. In doing so, it also aims to awaken interest in offerings that broaden the spectrum of personal preferences. The KulturPass thus contributes not only to the promotion of general and cultural education of young people, but also to the development of new audiences and the strengthening of local cultural providers.

Within the framework of this project, the Digital Opportunities Foundation is responsible for implementation as an operational partner. It will act as an interface between the BKM, the development partner and technology service provider, the communications agency, and the users, i.e., the cultural providers and the young people.

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