The KulturPass enters its second round!  

While young people who turned 18 in 2023 can continue to spend their budget until the end of 2024, it is now the turn of young people born in 2006 to register in the KulturPass app from March 1, 2024. From their birthday, they will then have a €100 budget for culture at their disposal! This will give young people access to a wide range of cultural activities. Cultural providers will have easier access to and exchange with a young target group.

These decisions follow a successful pilot phase of the KulturPass. During this phase, 285,000 18-year-olds were able to use their €200 credit to benefit from a diverse and growing cultural offering in the app. To ensure this success, numerous measures were taken by the KulturPass team. Between April and December, 69 workshops were organized for cultural providers and partners, 5,000 young people were reached with the KulturPass on site, 45,200 inquiries were answered, 601 reviews were left on Google Play and Apple Store, 21 events were attended by KulturPass ambassadors and 4334 stores were opened in the app. The success of the KulturPass is also reflected in the number of reservations: 684,000 books, 297,000 cinema seats and 118,000 tickets for concerts and stages were purchased via the KulturPass.  

The user-friendly app has also evolved in recent months. Young people can now take part in workshops and courses and share offers with their friends. To discover the app for yourself, you can download it here

Minister of State Claudia Roth is also delighted that this socially relevant project is being continued: "The KulturPass can go into its second round. This is important and very good news for culture as well as for young people in our country. I would like to expressly thank the Budget Committee for continuing to support the KulturPass and making additional funds available for the 2006 edition."  

We agree and are delighted to be involved in this second phase of the project. 

These decisions are subject to the approval of the federal budget by the entire Bundestag.

For more information on the KulturPass and the app, visit the official website, Instagram account and LinkedIn channel. 

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