The second round of the KulturPass starts today!

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From today, all young people born in 2006 can verify themselves in the KulturPass app and receive a budget of €100 just in time for their birthday. This budget can be spent on over 2.6 million cultural events throughout Germany. Identification takes place via online ID (German nationals), eID card (EU nationals) or electronic residence permit (third-country nationals).

The KulturPass offers a wide range of cultural activities. Young people can use it to go to bookshops and cinemas, but also to concerts and festivals, the theater and opera, museums, record stores and music stores. New this year is that workshops and memberships can now also be booked via the app, for example music, dance or painting courses as well as library cards and annual museum tickets.

To mark the occasion, the KulturPass is also launching a TikTok account. Book recommendations, city trips, concerts, glimpses behind the scenes and many other cultural tips will be posted on this new KulturPass account.

For more information on the KulturPass and the app, visit the official website, Instagram account and LinkedIn channel. 

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