ENDING | ICT & Early School Leaving. Developing a New Methodology to Empower Children in Digital WellbeIng and Critical ThiNkinG


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The project "ENDING" is a strategic partnership consisting of five organizations from three European member states, which started in spring 2021.

Various studies have shown that there is a link between dropping out of school and addiction symptoms as well as misuse of digital applications. The project consortium believes that a safe and cooperative environment is key to reducing school dropout. Therefore, teachers, parents and students should be empowered to recognize misuse, but above all to prevent it by teaching them how to use digital media responsibly. There is still a great need for this, especially among children and young people from various economic or social risk backgrounds.

In recent years, there have been several projects and programs that have addressed this issue. At the European level, comparatively few still use the peer learning approach. Due to the diverse experiences with such concepts in Germany, such as the Medienscouts NRW, the Digital Opportunities Foundation takes on the function of a transfer partner in order to share knowledge and experiences and to test and further develop them on a European level.



Sandra Liebender

Aim of the project

The consortium has set itself the task of developing, testing and implementing a methodology based on the peer learning approach to reduce the number of young people who drop out of school. The focus here is particularly on Spain and Portugal, which, with dropout rates of 17.9% (Spain) and 11.8% (Portugal), are far from the EU target of 10%.

The Digital Opportunities Foundation is active as a partner in the project consortium.

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