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The "Ich digital" project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation aims to promote digital skills among groups of people at risk of social exclusion. To prevent these people from being excluded from society, the project offers a two-stage training program that teaches basic digital skills.  The skills acquired enable participants to confidently use digital tools to participate in social processes and empower themselves.

Using a multiplier approach, local organizations across Germany are empowered and equipped to reach and train vulnerable people during and after the project.

Particular support will be given to job seekers, women, single parents, and people living in rural areas or neighborhoods with low socioeconomic levels who are excluded from adequate participation in society due to a lack of or low digital skills.

Aim of the project

The project aims to help people living at or below the poverty line to acquire digital skills. Through new learning experiences, they are motivated and can gain self-confidence to empower themselves. This should lead to this person perceiving themselves as valuable participants in social processes and being able to participate in them with confidence.

The Digital Opportunities Foundation works closely with the organizations, developing the two-part training program and acting as a trainer for the organizations so they can deliver the training. 


By implementing this project, we are contributing to the realisation of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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