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Social media can help organise voluntary and civic commitment. A large number of initiatives uses Facebook, Twitter and others to call attention to activities and topics. They win followers and supporters and motivate others to be a part of their projects. From 2014 to 2022, the Smart Hero Award honored projects, initiatives and individuals who successfully implement their civic engagement with and on social media.

All projects, institutions, initiatives and individuals that were nominated or received an awardduring the nine years of the competition are Smart Heroes and therefore part of the Smart Hero Community, which will be the focus of the project in 2023.


Matthias Wolf - Project manager

Rabea Lei├če

Aim of the project

The goal of the Smart Hero Community is to give our Smart Heroes the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience and to benefit from the expertise of other projects. They are given the opportunity to network with other civil society initiatives in order to create synergies and cooperation. In addition, the project's activities will serve to collect knowledge from the community on the use of social media and other digital tools for civic engagement on social, democratic and ecological issues and make it available to other civil society projects outside the network.


The Digital Opportunities Foundation is responsible for the implementation of the quarterly network events and for the community management within the network.

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