Child Protection and Children’s Rights in the Digital World


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The focus of the project is the impact digitization on the lifeworld of children and young people. Hereby, the objective is the empowerment of children and young people as well as stake holders to comply with, strengthen, and implement children’s rights in a digitised lifeworld.


In April 2016 the Council of Europe adopted the so-called Sofia Strategy for implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Next to aspects like equal opportunities, participation, a life free from violence and child-friendly justice it also encompasses children’s rights in the digital environment.

Against this backdrop, research within the project ‘Child Protection and Children’s Rights in the Digital World’ analyses the impact of digitization on the everyday life of children and young people and measures for child protection and risk prevention. 

Aim of the project

The aim is to develop and implement a strategy for child and youth policy measures that supports the realization of children's rights in all aspects of life and that enables children to exercise their rights and strengthens their ability for self-protection.

The project supports the Council of Europe’s activities for the implementation of the Sofia Strategy and collaborates with international committees at the EU- and UN-level in the sector of Internet Governance as well as ICANN and further institutions. In close cooperation with the child charity Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk the project communicates German activities into the European and international context and promotes the implementation of the UN-CRC with regard to the digitization of the lifeworld of children.


By implementing this project, we are contributing to the realisation of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

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