The KulturPass is here!

The time has come: the long-awaited KulturPass is finally available. Starting today, all young people who turn 18 this year have the opportunity to download the KulturPass app and use their credit for a variety of cultural offerings. The official launch of the project was announced today at an event in the Federal Chancellery by the Minister of State for Culture Claudia Roth, the Digital Opportunities Foundation, the Commissioner for Culture and the Media and SAP. At the launch event, the Minister of State for Culture emphasised the importance of the KulturPass for the personal and cultural development of young people.

The KulturPass app is now available for download for all young people. After registering, users receive their personal budget of 200 euros, which they can use flexibly for cultural activities of their choice. The user-friendly app functions as a digital platform that enables young people to find suitable cultural providers, search for events and obtain information about various cultural offerings. In addition, they can be surprised by new offers with the help of the "Get inspired" function in the app and thus also have new cultural experiences.

Download the app here

The Kulturpass is a groundbreaking project that promotes the participation of young people in cultural activities and supports their development through a modern digital infrastructure. With today's launch, young people have numerous cultural opportunities open to them to discover their interests and be inspired. Through the interaction of a digital marketplace for cultural providers and the app for young people, the KulturPass enables an ideal interface between the cultural sector and young people.

For more information on the KulturPass and the app, visit the official  webseite, Instagram account and LinkedIn channel. 

Bildnachweis: BKM / Henning Schacht

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