20th anniversary of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2022

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For 20 years, the Digital Opportunities Foundation has been working for digital participation of all population groups. For our anniversary year, we are taking a look back at key successes and milestones, and at the same time would like to look forward together with you and discuss how the foundation can continue to contribute to more digital equality of opportunity in the future.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary in line with our claim to analyze the digital transformation of society and provide impetus for shaping it by combining digital and presence formats. Three digital roundtables, which will take place from April to June 2022, will initiate a professional exchange between stakeholders from civil society, business, academia and politics and help us to drive forward the Foundation's strategy development and develop mandates for action for policymakers. The results will lead to a major anniversary event, which will take place on September 7 in Berlin with the participation of our patron ministries - the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

ROUNDTABLE 1:  "Digital participation of older people and the 'age gap'" on April 7, 2022 |  Read more

ROUNDTABLE 2: "Designing accessibility in a participatory way" on May 5, 2022 |  Read more

ROUNDTABLE 3: "Algorithm-based recommendations and their impact on children and youth" on June 30, 2022 |  Read more

Anniversary Event: "20 Years of the Digital Opportunities Foundation" on September 7, 2022 |  Read more

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Congratulate the Foundation on its 20th anniversary!

Share your memories and personal anecdotes with us that connect you to the foundation. Tag @digitalechancen on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and feel free to use the anniversary hashtags #20YearsFoundation #DigitaleChancen #InternetDerMenschen

The establishment of the foundation

On September 20, 2001, Werner Müller, then Federal Minister of Economics, gave the go-ahead for the Digital Opportunities Network.

This laid the foundation for the Digital Opportunities Foundation, jointly established by AOL Deutschland and the University of Bremen, which was approved by Berlin's foundation supervisory authority on January 2, 2002.

Since then, the Digital Opportunities Foundation's mission has been to research the social consequences of digitization, to advocate equal opportunity access to the Internet for all people, and to strengthen their media skills. The goal is to promote the digital integration of all social groups and counteract the threat of a digital divide. Read here about the mission pursued by the team and the board of the Digital Opportunities Foundation.

Eröffnung des Netzwerks Digitale Chancen, v.l.n.re.: Bundeswirtschaftsminister Werner Müller, Nicola Söhlke, AOL Deutschland, Prof. Dr. Herbert Kubicek, Universität Bremen

Opening of the Digital Opportunities Network, from left to right: Federal Minister of Economics Werner Müller, Nicola Söhlke, AOL Germany, Prof. Dr. Herbert Kubicek, Bremen University

The Digital Opportunities Foundation is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

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