AMeLiE - Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate-speech

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The aim of the AMeLiE project is to support teachers, school communities and families in dealing with online hate speech. To do this, they are given an innovative methodology and approach to help them successfully counter hate speech.


Aim of the project


The main goal of the Erasmus+ KA201 project, called "AMeLiE- Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate-speech" is:

To provide teachers of all levels and representatives of school communities (including families) with an innovative methodology and approach to counter the phenomenon of online hate-speech.





The aim of the project is to: <br/>

  • Promote the exchange at European level of good practices in schools in the field of the fight against online hate-speech.
  • To produce a training course for school education professionals by adapting and combining the different existing good practices with the further development of advanced online learning approaches.
  • To create a platform for peer learning and crowdsourcing, through which participating schools will be able to address the issue with the help of learning materials created by experts, discuss relevant cases, carry out bottom-up initiatives.







The participating schools will benefit from the results of the project, first of all through the direct training of 5 teachers and representatives of the school communities for each country involved (Italy, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Romania); then the 5 teachers will have to include and train another 5 users each; finally they will use the online platform with the learning materials also for the exchange of resources and direct contact with other realities all over Europe.

The schools will be able to count on a high level training path, they will be guided by the project partners during the whole duration of the project through tutoring methods in the paths undertaken.



Each school can participate in a contest by proposing a communication campaign bringing the message of contrast to the hate speech, choosing the preferred means of communication (video, photos, digital storytelling, performing arts, etc.). The winners will participate in a multiplier event in Brussels.


Monthly kind speech day: all users of the network will produce a message of peace and democracy on social media and a ranking of the most voted will be drawn up, visible on the platform.


Finally, "Guidelines" will be produced to guide policy makers and stakeholders in the fight against online hate-speech.

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