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The Erasmus+ KA201 project AMeLiE (Advanced Media Literacy Education to counter online hate-speech) addresses the phenomenon of hate speech on the internet - a topic that is increasingly discussed in the public debate.


Laura Hänsch - Project Management

Nenja Wolbers

Aim of the project

The aim of the project is to sensitise schools, i.e. teachers, pupils and their parents, to hate online and to provide them with useful methods, materials and tools to counteract hate speech.
The aim is to promote respectful and tolerant interaction with each other - online and offline.

The project aims to create different products that are interrelated and complement each other:

  • The development of a free, interactive learning platform for teachers, providing a wide range of worksheets on the topic and materials for teaching.
  • The establishment of a virtual, Europe-wide network of schools to actively combat online hate speech.
  • The production of a paper with guidelines and recommendations or policy makers and educational institutions.


The platform will still be available after the end of the project. A quick and easy registration is necessary to get access.

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    The project is structured through a multi-stage training procedure:

    • In the first phase, a total of 10 trainers (2 trainers per partner organisation) will be trained in the specific methodology of the AMeLiE project as well as in innovative training techniques.
    • In the second phase, a group of 25 selected teachers and representatives of school communities (5 teachers per partner country) - guided and accompanied by the trainers of the partner organisations - will test the developed blended learning training and the interactive platform.
    • In the third phase, these 25 teachers will each train 5 more people from their school environment and pass on their acquired knowledge to them. In this way, a total of 150 people will learn the methodology as well as innovative tools for dealing with hate speech. They form the core of the virtual network of schools against hate speech on the internet.
    • In addition, it is estimated that at least 3,000 students will be reached and sensitised to the issue through these project activities.


    In addition, various high-profile campaigns will draw attention to the issue of hate speech on the internet during the project:

    Competition and campaign "Kind Speech Day" against hate speech: All schools can participate in a competition to design an innovative communication campaign against hate speech online. Once a month, on the occasion of Kind Speech Day, they should launch a high-profile action or communicate a message for more democracy, peace, respect and tolerance. The schools are free to choose the type of campaign and the means of communication, e.g. video, photos, storytelling, performing arts, etc. With the help of a voting system, the best messages are determined and published on the platform. The winners will participate in an international multiplier event in Prague.

    All Kind Speech Day campaigns of our partner schools can be found on the learning platform.


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