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The European mobility project allows the participating partner organisations from five European countries to exchange expertise in the field of staff development.


Aim of the project

The Digital Opportunities Foundation is partner in the European mobility project "DIMESCA - eskills @ career guidance", which was launched in Berlin in September 2018. The aim of the project is to exchange information on the further development of digital skills and the qualification of employees with regard to their professional development. The project also allows to get to know new partner organisations in other European countries.


The exchange between nine organisations from France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Romania and Germany, promoted by the Erasmus+ programme, aims to enable four training measures for the staff of the respective organisations in two project years. In addition, employees and partner organisations of the Digital Opportunities Foundation (e.g. advisory board organisations, media centres) can also take part in the international training measures.


Within the framework of the project, the partner organisations are planning joint learning activities in Paris (2019), Brussels (2019), Mulhouse (2019) and Zaragoza (2020). They will share their examples of good practice. The project will be accompanied by an external evaluator.


The Digital Opportunities Foundation is a partner in this project. It sends employees from Germany to the three-day learning activities.

Project partner

  • Association of the Cités des métiers International Network, Frankreich (Coordinator)
  • Association Sémaphore Mulhouse Sud Alsace, France
  • GIP CARIF OREF Limousin, France
  • Association Città dei Mestieri di Milano e della Lombardia, Italia
  • Association Rural Internet Access Points “Viesieji interneto prieigos taskai”, Lituania
  • Fundación empresa Universidad Zaragoza – FEUZ, Spain
  • North-East Regional Development Agency – REDA, Romania

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