Teens & Technology Roundtable

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Aim of the project

At the start of this project, approximately two thirds of the youths in Germany used the internet. Numbers from Emnid, ARD/ZDF and Allensbach clearly showed that the youths that had not yet been reached were those that need special attention. Youths who have no or low levels of education did not show any interest in the internet.


In regard to this, European and American politicians, representatives from foundations and economy, as well as academics and practical workers met at Schloss Marbach, the communication centre of the Jacobs Foundation, in order to exchange information and to develop approaches. It was the objective of this transatlantic exchange of experiences to promote career opportunities for disadvantaged youths on the job market of the 21st century. Decision-makers were informed about possibilities to prepare youths for tomorrow’s jobs. An environment was supposed to be developed in which cooperative and academically established strategies can be evolved in order to teach the needed competencies to disadvantaged youths.

The Teens & Technology Roundtable was led by an internationally recognised coordinating group:

  • Theo Brenner, Jacobs Stiftung
  • Holly Carter, Community Technology Development, Inc.
  • Larry Gianinno, W. T. Grant Foundation
  • Herbert Kubicek, Digital Opportunities Foundation
  • Kay Livingston, Universität Strathclyde
  • Tony Wilhelm, Benton Foundation (chairman)

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