UdL Digital Roundtable

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Aim of the project

Nowadays the internet determines many aspects of out daily life and seems to have become indispensable. For this, it is not important whether access happens via a fixed or mobile network. Usage is omnipresent whenever and wherever. This development poses new questions for society which need answering. On one hand, not all groups of society have equal access to the internet. On the other hand, internet usage holds opportunities as well as risks, which decision-makers in politics, economy and academia have to face on ever increasing levels.


It was the goal of the UdL Digital Roundtable to connect involved experts and to direct public interest to relevant topics. The talks were prepared via thematically relevant online discussions. In the run-up, five provocative statements in Twitter-length of 140 characters were published and discussed via comments. The detailed discussion then took place with approximately 30 invited guests at the roundtable.

The Digital Opportunities Foundation and the E-Plus Group worked closely together in the establishment of the UdL Digital Roundtable as an event series. The foundation was responsible for the concept design, the content-related planning and implementing of the event, the development and provision of the online platform, as well as the documentation and distribution of the results.

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